All environmental standards, international, national, local laws, codes of conduct and conventions in your company implement effectively

Ensure that all applicable environmental regulations apply to all processes controlled by your supply chain and company.

Continuously improve your work methods with the proper training of employees, using effective technology and effective implementation of all the requirements of the environmental management system.

Ensure safe and efficient disposal of waste while adopting appropriate pollution control methods to avoid environmental pollution.

Make accurate information about your environmental management system available to buyers, stakeholders, employees, government agencies and the public, for develop a documented procedure that will help implement this policy and empower the management system, communicate this policy and procedure effectively to all your staff, workers, suppliers, subcontractors and stakeholders. Regularly monitor the effective implementation of this policy and procedure through your trained team.

Pardhan Oil Industries ensure the system as in integral part of its business performance and is committed to maintain quality, occupational health and safety at their workplace, the company is committed to:

> Design, construct, operate and maintain its system to ensure safety of employees, plant and equipment.
> Comply all the relevant statutory rules and regulations on OH&S.
> Impart training and re-training of all employees.
> Provide adequate resources to implement OH&S policy.
> Ensure communication, understanding and maintenance of policy at all levels.