Product Line

The company is producing all kinds of industrial fats, cooking oil and banaspati ghee especially for the use of biscuit and confectionery industry. The list of our products which is being supplied to the industrial customers is given below

Shell Chemicals

Vegetable Fat (HPO)

Vegetable fat, also known as Hard Palm Oil. Made as per specification.

Commercial Fuels

Low Melting Fat (PASTE)

Oils (liquids at room temperature) contain more carbon to carbon double bonds than fats.

Aviation Fuels

Biscuit Shortening

Biscuits made with vegetable shortening, a solid form of vegetable oil.


Cream shortening

Cream Shortening is a high quality shortening with additional emulsifier to ensure good creaming texture.


LMP Fats

Vegetable fat with low melting point. Uses: Biscuit dough and confectionary products.


Liquid fats (in Bulk)

Pump able shortening available in bulk, suitable for industries, which have pumping storage facilities.


Trans-free Fats

Fully automatic state of the art process. All products are extremely low on trans fat.


Double Refined Palm Olein (for frying)

100% Palm Olien, as per specification, refined with excellence and standardized procedure. The process is also known as “Double Fractioning.


Soyabean Cooking Oil

100% Pure Cooking Oil made from a blend of refined Soybean, Canola and Sunflower oil. Available in a variety of packing.


Double processed Banaspati Ghee

Pure Banaspati Ghee made from a blend of 100% pure refined vegetable oils. Available in a variety of packing.